I'm extremely disappointed to find out that a face-to-face event I've been to twice before is still planning a face-to face conference later this year.

Wishing it'll be safe won't make it so, and we're scientists(!) and should know better.

Say no to face-to-face in 2020.

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@Cyborgneticz I know, right? I am trying to sway them to stop and finding it extra hard to believe that biologists of all people (I'm in bioinformatics) can be making decisions like this.

@Cyborgneticz I've spent most of my afternoon in various states of rage.

@rusty @Cyborgneticz thanks both - it really helps when others agree and reinforce that I'm not just being paranoid!

@yoyehudi @rusty absolutely not! I'm holding off on sending things to a conference because it'll be in New Orleans and I'd really prefer for it to be digital somehow

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