All too often I hear "how can we justify funds to maintain research software?"

But really, we should be asking "How can we justify _not_ funding it?"

My colleagues and I wrote a thing:

@yoyehudi I see a conflict here between two principles: In the past years many scientists managed to break free of proprietary software (matlab as prime example), but the result was that money that went into licensing wasn’t re-allocated to maintaining free software tools, but instead was allocated elsewhere.

This needs to change: Paying for free software solutions needs to become the norm for research institutions.

@yoyehudi very interesting piece.

Gave me some food for thought in my current process of migration/establishment into an UK-based applied uni and creation of a research group on applied software engineering.

@yoyehudi I'm royally pissed off by the fact that researchers are continually made to justify the cost of their work and their own existence even.

Thank you & colleagues for the write up!

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