Well, you'll be pleased to know that my fabulous collaborator Manuel Spitschan helped to drive forward a beautiful response to the exclusionary video grant application idea article a couple of months ago. 👇👇

Revolutionising grant application processes? Sure, sounds cool. Making them more exclusionary and likely to exaggerate bias? No thanks!


> The assumption that “our peers are not easily bamboozled, nor blinded by bias” is hopeful at best and naive at worst.

I have some even more jaded interpretations tbh

@bgcarlisle I'm with you, but had a fear Nature wouldn't print the words that covered my truest rage...

@yoyehudi Fair

Honestly, thank you so much for actually replying to them

@bgcarlisle the kudos largely go to my collaborators Manuel, Laura, and @petrichor - I'm just happy to be riding their coat tails to a better world

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