🥁 Hey folks. You may know I'm a HUGE fan of Outreachy for its hands-on efforts to bring marginalised people into open source.

As such I am _delighted_ to share that my employers the Wellcome Trust will be supporting Outreachy over the next year, funding ten internship spots for open science Wellcome-related projects:

🧵 thread for more...

OSS projects that have community are a huge strength: bringing in new contributors improves the docs, adds new features and viewpoints you might not have thought of, and helps build a sustainable network of contributors, so important in precarious funded academic software.

Seeing more community planning built into research software is a personal goal of mine and I'm hopeful this will encourage more science and research projects to dip their toe into outreachy
and other internship programs.

There are so many benefits - it might be you need a few months of a specific type of OSS work, but it's too short-term to hire for easily, or you might find an intern you work with so well that the apply for vacancies that come up in the future. When I worked at InterMine (a genomics data warehouse at Cambridge) we had interns from Outreachy working on python documentation videos for our users, UX for the new UI we were launching, and so much more.

So, if you have open source projects that:

1️⃣ align with aspects of Wellcome's strategy (Mental Health, Climate Change, Infectious Disease)
2️⃣ have the time and inclination to mentor awesome interns for three months

Please do consider applying for Outreachy as a mentoring organisation and/or chat with me!

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