Research + code + healthcare job vacancy 

馃毃Job vacancy alert 馃毃

Interested in making meaningful change in the intersection between code, science and healthcare?

My team at the Wellcome Trust
is hiring!

Some reasons to be interested in-thread, boosts appreciated for reach! The pay just ain't half bad, especially compared to academic salaries:

Tech Manager (~拢59k/year):
Tech Lead (~拢68k/year):

Both vacancies close on August 1st 2021

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Research + code + healthcare job vacancy 

1. I joined the team hoping to shift academic culture towards better appreciation, reward, and careers for research software, hoping to ending the cycle of "throw the code out after the paper/grant is done".

Maybe this speaks to you too?

2. It's worrying code robustness is rarely appreciated in research. Maybe you want to help fund the really _good_ RSEs and data scientists, to set the agenda for what good computational science is?

Research + code + healthcare job vacancy 

3. Maybe you want to use your tech skills to change the world. Wellcome focuses on research that affects human health in three main areas: Global heating, infectious disease, & mental health

4. Maybe you've worked in the tech industry, and would like to work at a non-profit philanthropic org, helping to fund cool, world-changing science

Or you're a researcher who wants code, data, and other kinds of tech to be a first-class research output

Maybe other?

Research + code + healthcare job vacancy 

5. Maybe you're worried about the sustainability of research software and data science tooling, and hope one day there's more to sustainability than sneakily hiding your software maintenance plans as a line item in the next grant application...

6. I'll wrap here. Please do apply and come work with me to help the world use computational tooling in the pursuit for better health outcomes. Happy to chat with anyone & please do share around widely!

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