Trying to complete a doctoral degree, a fulltime job, and raise cash for a startup nonprofit at the same time

Spent the weekend and today really focusing on my paper. Good chat with supervisors, so today's mood is this... (image credit: xkcd store)

right now it's a solid 30/70 and I'm honestly surprised

when a 2017 paper cites a 1995 paper that is clearly out of date... "mainframe" and "mini computer" is so un-used nowdays and left me so curious as to what they mean that I had to go and look up the reference to see when it was published.

uh, does anyone want to tell them that IVF is already taken and well known?

Accidental sex-related search term hit. 

Q: What's worse than when you're doing prep for a systematic paper review and you get the following result...?

A: When you realise the search term hit was for the phrase "user generated content" 😦😳😅


I grant you the gift of a sleepy chonker

covid, unsafe advice 

My uni is giving "post-pandemic" advice.

Since when is the pandemic over?!

UK for context, we're..... hardly over. Everything is opening up despite the fact we're still _higher_ than the daily deaths at lockdown.

Revising my ethics application for the 97,737,126th time, with my furry research assistant supervising.

ethics for my covid study 

Ethics came back with some revisions - that's fine, it's helped _me_ clarify some stuff too. This PDF is painful, though - copy and paste doesn't work properly because it seems to think I'm selecting sentence snippets in a column rather than simply trying to select a single sentence :/

still writing ethics for this study. A moment ago the dmponline tool showed 0 out of all these were touched and my brain nearly exploded:

One of my institutes' research ethics systems is NOT equipped to consider ad-hoc collaborative partnerships (e.g. open source communities, hackathons... )

1. the data we'll be using are all open anyway
2. I can't predict who will participate...

selfie, kittie 

[Pic of human and kitty together. The humans is very pale and has glasses, the kitty is fuzzy as heck.]

I did a thing today. Time: 2:09:24


(I can't figure out how to alt text the picture on this app - that's me holding a half marathon medal)

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