@biocrusoe if you still really want to I won't say no 🌷💜 pritish has been doing some incredible work.

@platypus quite possibly tied to old institutional email addresses that are no longer even in use...

@platypus I was sort of daydreaming based on a birdsite post on how if GitHub was appropriate to deposit research data, how nice it might be to also associate ORCIDs with github accounts

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Hello everyone, I’m a Portuguese student starting to think about my thesis. I have an interest in understanding user’s opinions about some of Mastodon’s core features. I would love to get some advice on how to make my work the best it can be! At the moment I am having trouble figuring out how to create a sample of an instance’s population that can be considered representative and achieved in an ethical way. Thank you all very much in advance I look forward to meeting you all!

what are you doing for kicks on a friday night, yo... oh, just getting excited about researcher identifier linked data, you know, the usual

@Antonio hm, with lots of direct informed consent as a good start I think!

@icvw Thank you - isn't it odd how random encouragements can still incredibly brighten one's day <3

@Cyborgneticz so tired, and just when you think you have a few days off something unavoidable crops up :/

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At this point I've accepted that we're not going to be done with covid this year. We probably won't be done with it by next year.
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fun levels are critical

(05%) ■□□□□□□□□□

Trying to complete a doctoral degree, a fulltime job, and raise cash for a startup nonprofit at the same time

@petrichor @vicorva ah, I'm admiring all the beautiful butterflies in my garden, but forgot they have the side effect of butterfly babies...

@vicorva bandits is a good term! I don't see the starlings before they're fledged either, but I love watching them as their plumage changes patchily from grey/brown to iridescent black with spots.

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Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you the ability to set healthy boundaries ✨

@vicorva most of my local starlings - my rude, squabbling, loud, kinda stupid starlings - have moved on recently, The food has suddenly stopped disappearing every time I blink and it's quieter, but it was also lovely to see 12 or more silly little starling juvenile heads waiting impatiently for a turn at the feeder

The irony of me, as a GSoC admin, urging my students to submit their evaluations a day early, whilst me, as a grad student, am submitting my conference talk two days late.... is not lost on my 😅

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i have three modes of modes of using a browser right now:

trying to read something, make it as slim as possible

this mode won't work when you try to fill out any form, because the website will either hide crucial information behind a "mobile collapse" or it will be invisible in the horizontal scroll space

trying to use a dashboard or console: i either need a bigger monitor, or GCP, AWS, Azure developers need to learn about design and information presentation

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