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All too often I hear "how can we justify funds to maintain research software?"

But really, we should be asking "How can we justify _not_ funding it?"

My colleagues and I wrote a thing:

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📢 PLS BOOST: Help fund trans-led research into the trans healthcare issues - Clara is leading a study into neovaginal microbiome. They've already hit the minimum funding level and are working towards their stretch goal to enable sequencing of more samples.

Please donate if you can and share onwards so this amazing team can get to the full optimal finding target 💙💗🤍💗💙 🏳️‍🌈

Why is LaTeX?

HTML, markdown, rst, heck, even word before latex.

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Reminder to new friends on Scholar 

Read our Community Standards:

(It's actually pretty short—the page just looks long because there's the list of blocked servers at the bottom)

The rules are different here from Twitter's and they're also different from other Mastodon instances

We have our own culture, norms and standards

And if you are a white supremacist, a TERF or you're here to spread anti-queer hate of any kind, close your account and save me the trouble

Often when people want to make their research code open for others to re-use, they apply a creative commons licence.

Awesome, you're off to a great start!

🚨 One hitch: @creativecommons licences aren't designed for code - see

If you used a CC licence for code, don't feel bad!

👉 It's easy to choose an OSI
approved licence - I like:
- to figure out what type of licence I might need
- for easy-to-understand summaries

We're re-introducing! Hey cool kids. I'm Yo - they/she. Ex-research software engineer, EngD student at the University of Manchester, based in the UK but also Israeli and Kiwi. The day job is at the Wellcome Trust as open source technology lead, and openly shared research is my favourite thing, more than sliced bread. I most eat veggies and am usually tired.

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and by "me" I mean probably "this journal" - it's so rarely the creator of the content who benefits from the paywall anyway 😭

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You say "paywall", I hear "it's better no-one at all benefit from this research, rather than risk me losing the chance to eke out every cent"

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Referencing question: what item type would you use to cite an article on an online news site like Wired (such as this

I'm assuming here that item types are limited to a controlled list such as this

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We even both ended up at Manchester University 🤣

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Well I just watched Blinded by the light, expecting a feelgood film with lots of Springsteen songs, but apparently it's a documentary of my teens, only set 15 years earlier and in a different country, and with a happier ending. Ouch, I haven't lived with my parents for nearly 20 years and it still hit me right in the feels.

"for a more detailed discussion on the subject, see AuthorName 1997"

=Ooooh.... looks up AuthorName 1997

It's in a language I don't speak or read.... /sigh

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Doing literature searches always makes me so _angry_, first generally at the "pay to access knowledge" principle, but also at the fact that even with two different institutional accounts at rich organisations I can't get at things I wish to.

What's the point of doing research if not for other people to use it?

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It's really impressive that you have taken the time to make something. Not everyone does that. Not everyone *can* do that.

Your creativity is inspiring.


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