Hi, I'm a PhD student in Japan.

My current research interest is conservation , especially sustainable conservation and use of semi-natural grasslands in temperate Asia.

Other interests that I wish to focus on in my work include biodiversity informatics based on citizen science. As a citizen scientist myself, I enjoy using to interact with naturalists around the world.

I hope to interact with common topics! :BlobCatHeart:

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@yuchiyama8712 Fediverseへようこそ!
Or at least welcome to the scholarly part, I guess given how popular Fediverse seems to be in Japan compared to other places, you may already know it from other servers ^^
Regarding ecology, and bioinformatics, there are accounts that may interest you on and :)

@yuchiyama8712 Welcome on the fediverse!
It is great to connect with so many interesting people from all over the world.
"Semi-natural grasslands in temperate Asia" sounds awfully specific.
I read once that on those husbandry of ruminants can help against climate change by preventing climate gases (esp. methane) to get into the atmosphere. Really fascinating and quite in contrast to common beliefs. Sorry, it is one of my pet peeves.
Anyway, I wish you success in your research.

@blueplanetslittlehelper Thank you for your welcome message!
My study site is located in Japan, and grasslands have been maintained by not only grazing livestock but also burning/mowing management in Japan. My current interest focuses conservation of grassland plant species. Anyway, I hope my research makes a solution to the environmental problem. I appreciate your interest in my study.

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