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Stanley enjoying a nice and relaxed view in his private nosed rounded window flying machine.
Several days after this image was taken he would start his now famous down below exploration of the seven concentric spheres, where he finally got missing around the fifth one.

#scifi #scifiart #sketch

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I will say that one of the best emails that I receive daily is from Daily SF. The short stories are written by some wonderfully talented people.

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When a building has a broken foundation, no amount of repairs to the upper structure will be successful, until the foundation itself is fixed. So it is with the United States. The country was literally built as a white supremacist settler colonial project. When hereditary aristocracy was rejected during the American revolution, it was simply replaced with an aristocracy of capital, the bourgeoisie. That is the country's broken foundation.

I remember really enjoying the Linux CLI when I started using it for coding back in university.

Before that it was mostly just DOS and Windows command prompt, which don't exactly inspire joy.


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I'll be teaching a few students AS level Computer Science in the fall.

I'm wondering if there is any consensus about if students should start with CLI programming first (using nano or vi), or just go straight into a GUI that tells you when things are wrong (like VS Code)?

I can see some value in having the students be more appreciative of the assistance that the GUI programs bring, but I'm a bit on the fence.

Any general recommendations are welcome.

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Today, I'm exploring a deeply-held conviction of many |s and sociologists: representing data as a table.

Here is why we need to stop that:

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Fellow , I need your help:

What reasons would you give a student from social sciences or humanities to learn ?

I need to convince them that is not just for Engineers, and they could/should learn it, too.

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Chinese scientists in U.S. haunted by targeted prosecutions

«The latest bout was triggered when he received an email from a Chinese student [saying thank you.]

"I don't know this student, and I jumped up, I said, 'When did I help this student?'" Chen told Nikkei Asia. "I became very worried, because the U.S. government could misinterpret these kinds of emails and say I'm associated with the Chinese government."

"The fear, I cannot get rid of," he said.»

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Sometimes, I have to change the grades of students in their favor, because they are too low.

I don't really have a standard way of doing that, but usually I choose a solution that is not equal for all students: you receive more points if you don't have many in the first place.

Do you find yourself in that type of situation too? How do you manage them?


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Sioyek is such an awesome PDF reader.
The only thing that was missing for me was selecting text with a keyboard, and ow even that is added in the newest version.
The portal mechanism is just perfect.

It supports Linux, Windows and MacOS, AND is open source AND can be used keyboard-only. Do you really need anything more?

Check it out here -

I can confirm that the wrong thing to do is to alert the students to a potential return to campus in a mere 4 days. :BlobCatGooglyShrug:

This is totally cool and normal.

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Reminder from a teacher:

"Simple" and "Easy" are relative terms. What's simple and easy to you can be complex and difficult for someone without your background knowledge.

I can do things in 1 minute of HTML editing that it takes a 1st year student a full day to wrap their head around. It took me decades of off and on working in that media to reach that point, and I'm far from an expert.

I refuse to tell a single student that HTML is easy - even the parts that have become easy for me.

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classism; conferences are actively bad 

Since this is on my mind now: in-person conferences are inherently classist and no amount of ~ inclusiveness ~ will change that. All the attendees are going to be people who can afford to travel (or whose employers will sponsor it, which is so correlated that it's not worth considering separately).

No, having an in-person conference and posting videos online doesn't count, because I know your next thing is going to be "but networking~" and that's just you admitting you want to meet fellow well-off people with the explicit goal of giving each other preferential treatment in the future. If you were doing it for the inclusiveness you'd just skip the conference part and post the thing online.

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Progress Report on Minecraft ProcGen project 

Just had another meeting with the students working on the project for their internship.

They made a lot of progress compared to last week. Their settlement now has very reasonable roads connecting the buildings, and the buildings deteriorate as they become older in the simulation.

We discussed how to improve this even further, by giving the settlement a narrative and unique feel.

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This seems much more an indictment of pedagogy than anything else. E.g., in my courses students pick their own subject of study where there is value in enjoying the work — much like how people sometimes still paint even tho photography exists, cook even tho fast food exists. 1/2

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I love this:

'I’m tired of fictional linguists who know all the things about all the languages, give me more linguists who are like “hmm, looks like Proto-Alpha-Centaurian, probably from the 28th century, which I don’t know anything about really, but I did meet this linguist who works on it back when I was a grad student and we get coffee every year at the galactic conference and you know I disagree with their entire theoretical approach but their data is very solid and they’re very supportive of their students, here’s their contact info, you can tell ‘em I sent ya.” '

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#DeltaChat is amazing: it runs on email protocols and is totally free software!

Why do we see even Discord being mentioned more ofter here then Delta Chat :deltachat: ?

[ #Communications #messengers #WhatsApp ]

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