Thanks to #FreeSoftware developers, the German #CoronaWarnApp for tracing #COVID19 risk contacts is available on @fdroidorg without any Google dependencies. This not only fosters software freedom, but also sets the ground for innovative features.

#microg #cctg

Simply great:
Finally, all public gitter channels can be accessed through matrix!
Well done @matrix
Now I'd only wish there was a mobile client with support for multiple accounts that I could use for professional *and* private communication.

Been participating in this week, which was of course virtual instead of in Barcelona. worked really well, but as a colleague put it: participating from at home feels like regular work - just interrupted with more video conferencing.
The socialising part of such a meeting suffers heavily.

Always keep in mind, "despite all our technological advances we are completely dependent on healthy and vibrant ecosystems for our water, food, medicines, clothes, fuel, shelter and energy, just to name a few" #BiologicalDiversityDay

RIGHT!!! Riot has turned on End-to-End Encryption by default for all private conversations, and Cross-Signing device verification has landed and is live (and 🤞 performant!) 🎉🎉🎉 Huge amounts of work went into this: has the overview.

Another article by Tomas Pueyo at
The topic is more complicated than last time, but he explains things really well. Again, a must-read on !

Been all busy last week helping finalize on analyzing publicly available sequence data on open platforms with only tools in transparent ways.
If you ever felt tempted to explore coronavirus raw sequencing data yourself, it's now easier than ever with our instructions and data in
and workflows. Your comments, suggestions and contributions to the repo are welcome! has done it: first big public server to run on 3. Looks good so far, but be prepared for teething troubles over the next days.

It's still early here, but I'm tempted to call this the tip of the day works like a charm for me and removes one more piece of google from my phone.

“...The hydrogen pathway used by Solar Foods is about 10 times as efficient as photosynthesis. But because only part of a plant can be eaten, while the bacterial flour is mangetout, you can multiply that efficiency several times. And because it will be brewed in giant vats the land efficiency, the company estimates, is roughly 20,000 times greater. Everyone on Earth could be handsomely fed, and using a tiny fraction of its surface.”

Is this real?

Galaxy 101 for everyone 

Want to learn how to but you do not have any background? Try the new tutorial "Galaxy 101 for everyone" at

Galaxy 19.09 released officially 

Big public instances have been on 19.09 prereleases since September, but now there's a stable release for everyone to host.

Among the release highlights are Workflow Invocation Reports, Interactive Tools and new Visualizations.

The release notes at have more info.

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