Did you know that you can integrate @codeberg with your @matrix chatroom, just like many people do for #Github integration?

Check out the simple procedure on the #Codeberg website:


Yet one reason more to make the switch if you are passionate for #FOSS 😃

Eigentlich hatten wir für letzte Woche geplant, uns erstmal ordentlich vorzustellen. Dann kam Omikron und hat auch bei uns für Wirbel gesorgt.
Da zeigen wir Euch vielleicht anlassbezogen einfach mal ein Beispiel unserer Arbeit im Bereich #covid und #opendata - galaxyproject.eu/posts/2021/11

DevOps in academic research - a good read with lots of relevant links and recommendations if your research involves programming of some sort: mattsegal.dev/devops-academic-

Honestly speaking CentOS Stream 9 was available for quite some time.

But if you waited for the official invitation - here we are:


And if you are wondering whether your systems are ready for RHEL 9, latest CentOS Stream 9 is a best way to check that. Better than the recently released RHEL 9 Beta in fact.


"Hah, even 5 years old can understand what you wrote in your PhD thesis!" - "Sure, that's how good I am!"

( wish it was true, though... :) )

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It often feels weird when people measure the quality of their work by the complexity of the topic.

If you think about it, our job is not to find the most complex task out there and stick to doing it. Our task is to find a complex task, research it, decompose, refactor.. and in the end to make it simple.

So one should not be bragging about how they wrote such a complex piece of code which no one understands. One should literally brag about how everyone finally understood what they've done.

- How can I make X work as in MacOS?

Me(after a quick look at the calendar):

Folks, it is 2021. The last time I interacted with MacOS system was in 2013, when I tried to help a web-designer to configure their SVN client and couldn't find how to create a new folder for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes I gave up, opened a terminal and created it with mkdir.

So I have no idea what "as MacOS" could possibly mean.

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Inspiring day marching with @NIOZnieuws@twitter.com colleagues and @sciforfuture_NL@twitter.com at the #Klimaatmars in Amsterdam

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We have proof now: Proprietary software kills people!

[screenshot by JamieSkella@twitter.com]

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💣 The world's most excellent group of #cybersecurity and #cryptography research have written a joint paper to raise awareness on serious concerns of @Apple@twitter.com's plan to scan files on users devices and the #icloud - it opens the #pandorasbox to abuse.


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pro-tip: if you ever get a bit.ly link that you don't trust, add a "+" to the end of the URL so you can be taken to the info page instead

e.g.: bit.ly/3AOKQTQ -> bit.ly/3AOKQTQ+

Hei scholars! At our University, there's currently attempts to revive a dedicated Bioinformatics curriculum. Does anyone have an example of a successful such curriculum at their own institution with some public documentation of what it encompasses or a contact address?

The SARS-CoV-2 genome surveillance dashboard is not exactly mobile-friendly to say the least, but that's what's happening if you're trying to visualize variant information from >200,000 SARS-CoV-2 isolates from 4 European countries (more to come soon) in detail.


Me and others from the Eu team have been contributing substantially over the last year and a half to covid19.galaxyproject.org/ and it's great to see these efforts now being integrated more tightly into a European strategy

The European project has been started today 🎉🎉

BeYond-COVID by-covid.org/ aims to make COVID-19 data accessible to all scientists!

@unifreiburg and the
are on board, and the EU team is looking forward to some exciting collaboration 😊

She turned the page, and suddenly felt a cold dread touch her spine. She quickly turned the page back and waited for the feeling to dissipate. It didn't take long.
"Sorry," she muttered.
The ghost that haunted her house didn't always read as fast as she did.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I'm about to release a new, highly broken alpha for #Tootle 2.0, the native Mastodon client for Linux :toot:

In 2.0 you can expect:

- Improved UI and UX. Thanks to #GTK 4 and Libadwaita, you can expect a massive responsiveness boost!

- New sidebar layout. Now all your accounts and quick links can be found in a separate view.

- Initial Pleroma support (but don't expect full compatibility yet!)

- Improved credential store

- Improved in-memory caching

- 100% more bugs!

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