Hei scholars! At our University, there's currently attempts to revive a dedicated Bioinformatics curriculum. Does anyone have an example of a successful such curriculum at their own institution with some public documentation of what it encompasses or a contact address?

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@zerodivision I did my MSc in bioinformatic & systems biology at Birkbeck:
Great program - I'd add more stuff on reproducible research practices to what they taught but they may have updated this in the years since I graduated.

@zerodivision the universities (UvA/VU) in Amsterdam have a bioinformatics program that seems to be doing well:
their offices are on the same floor as mine, so I'd be happy to see if someone is interested in discussing this with you!

@zerodivision I did my PhD in bioinformatics but have since switched careers. However I can send you my supervisor's email address! His specific courses may be more specific to mass spectrometry proteomics (I think some lectures are even on YouTube) but I'm pretty sure he was involved in the degree's curriculum

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