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we are calling for papers on numerical methods for environmental flow modeling for a topical collection in the international journal on geomathematics. submissions open july 12th, 2021.

boosts are appreciated.

watched "the nice guys."

watched: (1) miracle mile; (2) sunset boulevard; (3) mulholland drive; (4) rebel without a cause; (5) the killing of a chinese bookie; (6) barton fink; (7) die hard; (8) la confidential; (9) the nice guys.

pleased that our work on classifying runoff generation mechanisms through integrated surface-subsurface hydrology modelling has been accepted for presentation at the 2nd iahr young professionals congress.

It scarcely matters how green you think you are. The main cause of your environmental impact isn’t your attitude. It isn’t your mode of consumption. It isn’t the choices you make. It’s your money. If you have surplus money, you spend it. While you might persuade yourself that you are a green mega-consumer, in reality you are just a mega-consumer.

If there is anyone here who'd like to work with me as a Research Associate from 1 Jan 2022 until 31 July 2023 or for a shorter period, full-time or part-time, please let me know.

Closing date is 13 Oct, no applicants so far so I will re-advertise if needed.

The post is on a research project at the intersection of embedded systems (SW&HW), programming languages, compilers, runtime systems and type theory. So if you know about any of these areas, it may suit you.

"resilience for all" by barbara brown wilson is one of the best books i've read this year.

i picked it up by chance from my local library because i'm interested in urban climate resilience. turns out it's a compilation of case studies on how underserved communities (in the US) increased their quality of life through grassroots strategies. the last chapter summarizes lessons learned.

I have two relatively short-term research associate positions to work with me at the School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow. Previous experience gained via industry R&D or academia.

£36,382 to £40,927 per annum.

Closing date 13 October 2021 (extended from 29 Sept)

The purpose of both positions is to make a leading contribution to two EPSRC-funded projects that aim to make control systems for critical infrastructure more secure and reliable.

For both positions, all the project work can be undertaken entirely remotely, some School-related duties may require presence on campus and project work that doesn’t require synchronous interaction with the project partners and others can be done flexibly. The PI Wim Vanderbauwhede actively promotes a healthy work-life balance.

climate change 

T. Thompson. 2021. Young people’s climate anxiety revealed in landmark survey.

"... most respondents were concerned about climate change, with nearly 60% saying they felt ‘very worried’ or ‘extremely worried’. Many associated negative emotions with climate change (...). Overall, 45% of participants said their feelings about climate change impacted their daily lives."

work in progress. simple graphical interface to view files:

+ written in c, because their graphics library is easy to use.
+ can filter by tags. tags have to be assigned in the bibtex file.
+ can export a single reference to bibtex format and formatted text.
+ to do: capability to filter by document type.
+ to do: open file by clicking on it, using the plumber.

things i don't need/want:
+ looking up citations online, cloud storage.

As a native Hawaiian, Reservation Dogs is the best #INDIGENOUS representation of our actual lives on screen, ever. Also, this all-indigenous written is the best and funniest thing I've seen in years, PERIOD. 'Can I be Mr. Camouflage?' in the Hot Cheetohs heist had me rolling

"‘Reservation Dogs’ Co-Creators Sterlin Harjo & Taika Waititi Talk Using Humor “To Subvert Expectations” In Indigenous Representation – TCA"

Pomona CS is hiring tenure track for next year!

I really like it here, they value both teaching and research, steady 2/2 course load, pre-tenure year-long sabbatical with salary subvention. Mask and vaccine mandates, strong faculty governance, majority nonwhite student body, small class sizes (15-40), smallish department (~8-10 people). Great retirement and mortgage benefits. No PhD students but excellent undergrads.

watched "la confidential".

watched: (1) miracle mile; (2) sunset boulevard; (3) mulholland drive; (4) rebel without a cause; (5) the killing of a chinese bookie; (6) barton fink; (7) die hard; (8) la confidential.

There are currently two petitions calling for academics to move towards more responsible and thoughtful travel methods:

1) "The Thoughtful Travel Petition" launched by #flyingless et #timetoexplane

2) "A call for more sustainable & diverse scientific conferences" by #AcademiaGreener supported by @sciforfuture

can anyone recommend an offline-only lightweight bibliography manager that can generate bibtex?

i know about xapers, but i would prefer a true gui.

any feedback is welcome.

“Software Crisis 2.0 – Baldur Bjarnason”

I decided to dump everything I’ve learned that’s relevant to software project failure into a single essay. Why it happens. Why it’s so common. Some thoughts on how to do better.

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