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Our session (w/ Kyle Mandli and Elena Matta) on modelling environmental interfaces at is scheduled for June 21. Nice selection of talks on a broad range of topics.

Part 1:
Part 2:

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Hi, I'm Ilhan. I'm a fluid mechanician currently working on computational hydrology. I'm interested in environmental and geophysical flow modeling.

One of my favorite books: "Dynamics of Fluids in Porous Media" by Jacob Bear. Dover Publications.

Reminder that if you want to present at please use this form

Submissions will close 5/22.

A seemingly more casual workshop with a focus on atmospheric, oceanic, or earth system models and their coupling:

No registration fees.

Watched "Around the World in 80 Days" with Jackie Chan. I think the bad reception is unfair, it's an enjoyable, goofy movie.

Watched "Raya and the Last Dragon" yesterday. It was great!

Another Nguyen - My Friend

TW: It's about intimate partner violence

Dürre ist tatsächlich eines der drängendsten Probleme.

Das Video ist eine spannende und eindrucksvolle Darstellung!

Ergänzend dazu möchte ich unsere Dürrestreifen vorstellen.
Ähnlich der blauweißroten Klimastreifen visualisieren sie den Dürreverlauf der Jahre 1881 bis 2020.


Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Anti-Asian racism and violent attacks on Asian elderly have only increased in recent months. Since COVID-19 became news in the United States, hate speech and violence against the AAPI community has run rampant.

They have a lot of bonsai trees at Huntington Botanic Garden. I liked this one the most.

Watched "Paper Moon" yesterday without knowing anything about it and it's a surprisingly beautiful movie.

171 day rainfall-runoff simulation in a catchment of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, using Amanzi/ATS. Precipitation is based on Daymet data. First part of a 2-year integrated hydrology simulation. Run on 128 cores of the NERSC cluster.

Does anyone have the report by Liggett & Woolhiser "Difference solutions of the shallow-water equation"? I am unable to get it from my library.

Toxic Academic Career Advice and the Wrong Answers to- ‘Why didn’t I get the job?’ by Megan Mackenzie:

Particle tracking again.

Figure below shows flow paths in a subcatchment of East River Watershed in Colorado. Not all particles reach the outlet.

Update on particle tracker — Can now track if the particle is leaving the domain. Basic shared memory parallelisation implemented for the outer loop.

Berkeley Lab is hiring a Scientific Community Engagement Manager in Coastal Research. Full remote work is an option. Job posting:

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