My presentations. Say Hello if you are attending:

- Runoff Generation in the Presence of Microtopography: Integrated Hydrological Model Results for Hillslopes at the Steady State (

- Controls on hydrological (dis)connectivity in a headwater-dominated sub-catchment: Insights through process-based integrated hydrology simulations (

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presentations I contributed to (1/2). Perhaps you will find some of them interesting:

+ A scale-adaptive framework to predict river corridor and watershed hydrobiogeochemistry across scales |

+ A methodology for generating and validating downscaled estimates of meteorological data at the basin scale |



presentations I contributed to (2/2)

+ Using high-resolution integrated-hydrology and reactive-transport modeling for unraveling concentration-discharge (C-Q) relationships in a mountainous watershed |

+ SERGHEI: A Performance Portable HPC Simulation Tool For Computational Hydrology |

Please reach out if you find any of these topics interesting :)

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