second entry in our series.

we watched "sunset boulevard", a bizarre film noir from 1950. a failing screenwriter is found shot dead in the swimming pool of a has-been silent movie film star.

LA films watched: (1) miracle mile; (2) sunset boulevard.

We just binge-watched We Are Lady Parts and it's great! Watch it if you have the chance!

Working version of wavelet analysis-based unstructured mesh generation. I carry out a wavelet analysis of flow metrics to get the mesh below. Regions with smooth flow are kept coarse, regions with rapid changes are refined.

Just watched Miracle Mile. It's a weird little 80s film that starts as a romantic comedy and ends with nuclear war.

Almost finished with the particle tracker. I can now track across surface and subsurface domains (left) and get the residence time along the paths (right).

We observe that in this case, once a particle exfiltrates, it's quickly advected to the stream and does not re-enter the subsurface.

First "working" version of the particle tracker in the subsurface.

Particles follow the velocity field computed with a Richards solver.

I had to use local time stepping per particle to cope with the large differences in the time scales. There's a lot of infiltration and exfiltration going on.

They have a lot of bonsai trees at Huntington Botanic Garden. I liked this one the most.

Watched "Paper Moon" yesterday without knowing anything about it and it's a surprisingly beautiful movie.

171 day rainfall-runoff simulation in a catchment of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, using Amanzi/ATS. Precipitation is based on Daymet data. First part of a 2-year integrated hydrology simulation. Run on 128 cores of the NERSC cluster.

Particle tracking again.

Figure below shows flow paths in a subcatchment of East River Watershed in Colorado. Not all particles reach the outlet.

Update on particle tracker — Can now track if the particle is leaving the domain. Basic shared memory parallelisation implemented for the outer loop.

Wrote a small particle tracker.

Figure below shows the trajectories of 20 particles released in Thies Catchment, Senegal.

Next step is coupling with subsurface flow, so I can track particles infiltrating into the soil.

5 day simulation of overland flow in a subcatchment in Colorado, USA. Topography is discretized with 0.5 m resolution. Run on 128 cores of the NERSC cluster

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