vent, anti-blackness 

There's a certain dominant media cauldron of white moderates who take fascist greivance at face value, launder it by stripping out the most blatant dogwhistles, and continue to amplify racist ideas using more palatable rhetoric.

If someone uncritically forms their worldview based on such media, learns to excise anti-black terms from their vocabulary one-by-one, but does nothing to change their media consumption habits...I'm not sure that person actually ends up less racist.

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My doctoral advisor Reinhard Hinkelmann at TU Berlin is looking to fill a full-time PhD position (Computational Hydrology/Hydraulics). It's a great position in a great group. German language is required, because of teaching duties.

My first lecture on "Ecohydrological Modelling" starts in 15 minutes!

Our institute's BSc programme was featured in the newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung (in German) in a discussion on "green jobs."

Diseases like small-pox have been weaponized by colonizers to eliminate Native Americans. They tried the same on Native Hawaiians, but we used contact-tracing, lockdowns, vaccines & universal healthcare (which we invented) to prevent biological warfare from wiping out our people.

Do you know about papers that compare implicit vs. explicit PDE solvers in terms of parallel performance? @wim_v12e , perhaps you know something about this?

#Berlin we *urgently* need a lot of accommodation for #BIPoC arriving from #Ukraine today; dozens of people are here in the office in Wedding, waiting for accommodation
Please write to
Mention where/how long you can offer housing, what languages you speak
If you can even house someone for even just 1 day that would be super helpful.
(Tubman Network is a Black-led mutual aid coalition of several migrant groups in Germany)

In this paper, Gillefalk and colleagues present an ecohydrological
modelling study of an urban area in Berlin, Germany, containing three
parks. They show that trees are the major source of
evapotranspiration in urban areas and that green spaces affect the
urban microclimate.

Gillefalk et al. (2022) Estimates of water partitioning in complex
urban landscapes with isotope‐aided ecohydrological modelling,
Hydrological Processes, in press.

on march 30, 2022, i will give a guest lecture at the urban water interfaces research training group, tu berlin:

climate emergency calls for process-based modelling

30 march 2022, 2 pm, online


@bgcarlisle sorry to hear that, it's always hard to get a paper rejected...

So the road to the Scientists Rebellion of April (when the IPCC Report leaked in September will be out) is now paved: "throughout February and March 2022, Scientist Rebellion is organising a series of talks dedicated to the climate and ecological emergency and what we can do about it"

Still a WIP (gender balance issues there) but i think it's important to show we can both "talk the talk" and "WALK the talk"! :ExtinctionRebellion:

@wim_v12e Wim, Thank you very much. Everything is well here, how are you?

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