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Particle tracking again.

Figure below shows flow paths in a subcatchment of East River Watershed in Colorado. Not all particles reach the outlet.

Update on particle tracker — Can now track if the particle is leaving the domain. Basic shared memory parallelisation implemented for the outer loop.

Berkeley Lab is hiring a Scientific Community Engagement Manager in Coastal Research. Full remote work is an option. Job posting:

Watched "Sound of Metal" yesterday. It's great!

Wrote a small particle tracker.

Figure below shows the trajectories of 20 particles released in Thies Catchment, Senegal.

Next step is coupling with subsurface flow, so I can track particles infiltrating into the soil.

5 day simulation of overland flow in a subcatchment in Colorado, USA. Topography is discretized with 0.5 m resolution. Run on 128 cores of the NERSC cluster

Pennsylvania State University's CEE invites applications for a tenure-line open rank faculty position in water resources engineering with emphasis on smart water infrastructure and systems. Review starts June 1, 2021.

Application link:

We are seeking applications for the first PhD position on the ERC-funded Intelligent Instruments research project hosted at the Iceland University of the Arts. This is a three-year fully-funded scholarship. The candidate will propose their own project under the rubric of Intelligent Instruments (see advert) and work in an exciting lab in the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland.

Deadline is May 17th and the start date for the project is Sept 1st, 2021.

A toolbox of resources and nudges to advance open scientific practice. Two frameworks and seven stakeholder: researchers, students, departments and faculties, universities, academic libraries, journals, and funders.

Watched "Breakfast Club" today. I heard that it's a classic, but it didn't work for me.

Free 30-day link to our latest article w/ Adrián Navas, Dipankar Dwivedi, and Sergi Molins:

We reformulate groundwater flow equations as a hyperbolic system and solve it using a FV augmented solver. The model is applied to a realistic case involving intrameander hyporheic flow and transport.

Our session (w/ Kyle Mandli and Elena Matta) on modelling environmental interfaces at is scheduled for June 21. Nice selection of talks on a broad range of topics.

Part 1:
Part 2:

If I'm writing an application for a job, and I would like to stress that I want an employer that consider me a long term investment, not just a temporary solution, how can I tactfully express that in (British) English?

Hi, I'm Ilhan. I'm a fluid mechanician currently working on computational hydrology. I'm interested in environmental and geophysical flow modeling.

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