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climate change 

T. Thompson. 2021. Young people’s climate anxiety revealed in landmark survey.

"... most respondents were concerned about climate change, with nearly 60% saying they felt ‘very worried’ or ‘extremely worried’. Many associated negative emotions with climate change (...). Overall, 45% of participants said their feelings about climate change impacted their daily lives."

work in progress. simple graphical interface to view files:

+ written in c, because their graphics library is easy to use.
+ can filter by tags. tags have to be assigned in the bibtex file.
+ can export a single reference to bibtex format and formatted text.
+ to do: capability to filter by document type.
+ to do: open file by clicking on it, using the plumber.

things i don't need/want:
+ looking up citations online, cloud storage.

As a native Hawaiian, Reservation Dogs is the best #INDIGENOUS representation of our actual lives on screen, ever. Also, this all-indigenous written is the best and funniest thing I've seen in years, PERIOD. 'Can I be Mr. Camouflage?' in the Hot Cheetohs heist had me rolling

"‘Reservation Dogs’ Co-Creators Sterlin Harjo & Taika Waititi Talk Using Humor “To Subvert Expectations” In Indigenous Representation – TCA"

There are currently two petitions calling for academics to move towards more responsible and thoughtful travel methods:

1) "The Thoughtful Travel Petition" launched by #flyingless et #timetoexplane

2) "A call for more sustainable & diverse scientific conferences" by #AcademiaGreener supported by @sciforfuture

can anyone recommend an offline-only lightweight bibliography manager that can generate bibtex?

i know about xapers, but i would prefer a true gui.

any feedback is welcome.

"viewing contemporary capitalism in terms of its feudalizing tendencies illuminates a new socioeconomic structure with four interlocking features: parcellated sovereignty, new lords and peasants, hinterlandization, and catastrophism."

j. dean, neofeudalism: the end of capitalism?

still particle tracking. finished implementing capability for infiltration into the subsurface and exfiltration to the surface.

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i'm back to particle tracking. i found a way to significantly speed up everything.

#Klimakrise: „Hätten sich Ökonomen nicht eingemischt, wären wir zwanzig Jahre weiter“

Seit 60 Jahren warnen Klimawissenschaftler vor dem Klimawandel. Seit 60 Jahren werden sie mehr oder weniger ignoriert. Der Klimawandel hat sich von einem Problem zu einer Krise entwickelt, die unsere Technik und unsere Politik an ihre Grenzen bringt.
Warum hat sich so lange nichts bewegt?


Lange Nacht des Impfens auch für Personen ohne gültige Ausweispapiere 11./13.08.2021 jeweils 20:00-24:00 Uhr

Liebe Kolleg*innen,

jetzt haben mich die ersten Nachfragen zu erforderlichen Dokumenten bei den Berliner Impfnächten erreicht.

Es sind KEINE Dokumente erforderlich (kein Personalausweis, kein Pass, kein Aufenthaltstitel, kein Impfpass). Die Person gibt den Namen an und erhält auf diesen Namen einen entsprechenden Impfnachweis sowie einen Termin für die 2. Impfung. Ein digitaler Impfnachweis kann dann jedoch später nicht erfolgen, da hierfür Papiere erforderlich sind.

Dieses niedrigschwellige Angebot (Impfen ohne Papiere) steht nur bei den Berliner Impfnächten am 11.08. und am 13.08.2021 zur Verfügung!

Ich bitte daher um eine breite Verteilung dieses Angebotes.

Vielen Dank!

Viele Grüße

Anja Grimm

Referentin Migration/Flüchtlingshilfe
Abteilung Wohlfahrt und Soziale Arbeit
DRK Landesverband
Berliner Rotes Kreuz e.V.

Bachestraße 11, 12161 Berlin

(Besuchereingang: Bundesallee 73)

Tel.: 030 600300 - 1276
Fax: 030 600300 - 91276



#impfung #covid #nopapers #sanspapiers #berlin

are you familiar with south asian history? what big events stand out? where did you learn them?

finalised the implementation of a wavelet-based multiresolution mesh generator for rainfall-runoff simulations. multiresolution meshes try to guess where flow in the region will be complex. usually we use topography and assume that smooth regions can be kept coarse, because flow in these regions will be smooth and can be captured accurately at coarser resolution.

+ implemented in c
+ depends on the triangle mesh generator library
+ shared memory parallelised

we are calling for papers on numerical methods for environmental flow modeling for a topical collection in the international journal on geomathematics. submissions open july 12th, 2021.

boosts are appreciated.

five ways to ensure flood-risk research helps the most vulnerable. article in nature.

New and extended edition of "Asiatische Deutsche" has been recently published by Assoziation A. It's the first collection of essays reflecting on Asian German perspectives.

Edited by Kien Nghi Ha, with contributions from Noa Ha, Angelika Nguyen, and many others.

In German.

for our third , we watched "mulholland drive" by david lynch.

LA films watched: (1) miracle mile; (2) sunset boulevard; (3) mulholland drive.

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