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Orientation for new job today. Presentation from the chair of the university (my translation): "We want our internet lessons to be revolutionary." (Oh please!) "Not just paperless." (Hmm.) "And we have support staff actively researching ways of innovating and supporting online teaching. Please feel free to consult them." (Actually astounded!)

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What's the plan for this thing, anyway? Glad you asked! Here's a roadmap for how it should shape up for the rest of 2021:

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My favorite thing about synthetic biology is that every time someone is like "We finally understand enough about [any biological machinery] to build one from scratch" and they try to do it, they're wrong and they get a result that makes absolutely no sense with what they were expecting.

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you ever look at portrait tattoos and it's just like....why are they so dark?

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Los Angeles 1871 lynching, sinophobia. 1. 

I was completely unaware until Just now when a friend was talking about a book on the history of violence against Chinese people in America that Los Angeles had a mass lynching of Chinese people in 1871.

17 people were hung and 2 were stabbed to death.

Jean Pfaelzer, in her 2007 book "Driven Out: The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans:"
"The Los Angelese massacre was probably the largest single mass lynching in California,

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Honestly I'm pretty certain the publishing industry is a bigger threat to universities than Sci-Hub


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Zotero is going to introduce new features -- like TABS! and a BUILT-IN PDF READER!

Oh, yeah!

I wrote a post about how to install Zotero's beta and get these new things:

For anyone not willing to run their beta, don't worry -- the new features will be out in Zotero 6.

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Blew my students' minds when I told them I have gotten paid for none of my work, and even the books I'm in I won't get a cent for.

Welcome to the world of academia, where publishers are the landlords of knowledge (someone on here shared that phrasing and it is so applicable).

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The new University of California transformative agreement with Elsevier has some interesting details. It certainly seems like a big change to increase osc.universityofcalifornia.edu

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My favorite internet fight is when people say they don't devalue education, just education that isn't real.

The hell does that mean.

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Though I know that Staring at the screen for too long makes my eyes dry and my neck hurt,when the eyeleo warned me I should go and take a rest, I always click on skip and continue sitting still​:ThisIsFine:​​:ThisIsFine:​​:ThisIsFine:

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Linux, windows, geeky stuff 

I've been a long time Linux user. I have to use windows to set the internal routing on my Focusrite Scarlett audio interface. So, what I end up doing is using a virtual machine inside Linux using Virtual box. That way I don't have to be a filthy dual booter sand I can still change the settings on my interface.

All that being said, as a Linux user, nothing scares me more than windows saying "leave everything to us." 😳 Frankly, I don't want to leave ANYTHING to you.

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debating telling a book 'I really don't have the time to do this I overestimated my time frame' but Also

I do love a publication

Not fully understand statistics till I learn it the second/third/fourth time🤔 🤔 ...😴 💤 💤 💤

Hi scholar.social​:BlobCatMelt:
I am Rankie(she/they),a PhD student majoring psychology, still in the way figuring out my “ultimate” interest yet. My current interest is eye movement during reading.
I am new here, and love to connect with people from different disciplines​:BlobCatHeart:

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