I am Rankie(she/they),a PhD student majoring psychology, still in the way figuring out my “ultimate” interest yet. My current interest is eye movement during reading.
I am new here, and love to connect with people from different disciplines​:BlobCatHeart:

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@zhjiang Welcome to, Rankie. I do listening stuff. I am a non-matriculated PhD (German uni is a bit weird, and I am a distance learner in Japan). Thinking about eye-tracking in the future!

@marcjones That sounds really cool and really interesting!😎May I know what’s your interest in listening?

@zhjiang Oh sure. I teach English and I want to know how to most effectively teach my students how to listen. And then there are all the metrics of how you know someone can perceive something.

@marcjones It reminds me when I was studying Japanese....When I was doing listening test, the whole sentences sounds like abracadabra and only few words pop out😂

@zhjiang Welcome!

Studying eye movent while reading in psychology sounds really interesting.

@zhjiang Hi and welcome! Could you elaborate on that eye movement during reading bit, curious to see what I’m missing

@jarbus Hi :BlobCat: and Thank you:)

I am interested in the eye movement pattern while reading Chinese. Chinese is different from English, there is no spacing between words, eye movement pattern may show some things about the word-segmentation process. Like frequency effect, for example.

@zhjiang Oh, that’s pretty interesting! What kind of applications are there? Do the eyes reveal a lot about the content that is being read as well?

@jarbus In psychology, we mainly use the patterns revealed in indicators like fixation, saccades to build our theoretical models(e.g. E-Z reader).There are also some researchers focusing on individual differences in eye movements,like first language and second language.
Eyes do reveal many information about the contents read! Like we may read words with higher frequency with less fixation time, less regression and so on; we land our next fixation on little right to the words.

@zhjiang I'm sure my eye movement during reading would be interesting!

I'm blind, and I read braille (with fingers). I just couldn't resist. :D

@devinprater 😂😂😂 sorry it comes to my knowledge blind spot... I’ve found that there are some studies about finger movement in braille reading.

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