What is scholar.social?

A Mastodon instance for academics

Scholar Social is meant for: researchers, grad students, librarians, archivists, undergrads, academically inclined high schoolers, educators of all levels, journal editors, research assistants, professors, administrators—anyone involved in academia who is willing to engage with others respectfully.

We strive to be a safe space for queers and other minorities, recognizing that there can only be academic freedom where the existence and validity of interlocutors' identities is taken as axiomatic.

"A Mastodon profile you can be proud to put on the last slide of a presentation at a conference"

New: "Official" monthly journal club!

(Participation is, of course, optional)

Scholar Social features a monthly "official" journal club, in which we try to read and comment on a paper of interest.

Any user of Scholar Social can suggest an article by sending the DOI by direct message to @socrates@scholar.social and one will be chosen by random lottery on the last day of the month. We ask that you only submit articles that are from *outside* your own field of study.

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This is a general-purpose federated Mastodon instance. You may use it as a personal account, but the focus is on academics. This is supposed to be "A Mastodon profile you can be proud to put on the last slide of a presentation at a conference." :)

Real names and credentials are recommended for networking purposes but are absolutely not required.


  • Brag about your publications
  • Share references and resources
  • Network with other academics
  • Add CW's (content warnings) to your posts liberally. CW's should be applied to: strong language, rants, selfies, mentions of death or violence, references or links to Facebook or Twitter, spoilers of TV shows, etc. We're academics! We love meta-data!
  • Recruit participants for academic surveys—formal, IRB-approved ones or even informal ones (just make sure to CW them and don't get too obnoxious about it)


  • Post anything that could be described as "spam"
  • Post shortened links (e.g. bit.ly or t.co—we have 500 characters; you can let us all know what we're clicking, thanks!)
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. (will result in a permanent ban, you may not receive a prior warning)
  • Impersonate other people
  • Harass other people
  • No bots please; Scholar Social is for people
  • Accounts that automatically repeat a Twitter account, RSS feed, etc. must post to Scholar Social as Unlisted, not Public
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