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Scholar Social Community Standards

This is a general-purpose federated Mastodon instance. You may use it as a personal account, but the focus is on academics. This is supposed to be "A Mastodon profile you can be proud to put on the last slide of a presentation at a conference." :)

Real names and credentials are recommended for networking purposes but are absolutely not required.


  • Brag about your publications
  • Share references and resources
  • Network with other academics
  • Recruit participants for academic surveys—formal, IRB-approved ones or even informal ones (just make sure to CW them so that others can consent and don't get too obnoxious about it; see the full Terms of Service for details about other research on Scholar Social members)
  • Add descriptions to images and video that you post to aid in accessibility
  • Add CW's (content warnings) to your posts. CW's should be applied to:
    • strong language,
    • rants,
    • selfies,
    • politics,
    • mentions of death or violence,
    • references or links to Facebook/Twitter/other big tech companies,
    • spoilers of TV shows (ESPECIALLY STAR TREK :P),
    • ASCII art (this one is important to ensure that someone using a screen reader doesn't have to listen to an attempt to read out a bunch of obscure symbols), and
    • anything else where another user might want to decide for themselves whether or when they want to interact with your post.
    We're academics! We love meta-data!
  • There is higher expectations in terms of CW's applied to posts on the Local Timeline (i.e. ones posted as "Public") as opposed to "Unlisted" posts that only a user's own followers see. I won't say that every post on the Local Timeline should be CW'd, but if there is doubt whether a prospective reader of your posts might want to choose for themselves whether or not they read it, please err on the side of applying a CW.
  • Make use of the built-in privacy settings—post "on-topic" stuff as Public and try to post "off-topic" stuff as Unlisted or Private. (We have a pretty broad conception of what counts as on- and off-topic, as the theme of the instance is academia or just learning generally—again, CW's cover a multitude of sins!)
  • It is also recommended to use the "Unlisted" privacy setting for follow-ups in a long thread of posts, rather than posting the whole thread as "Public," so that only the first post appears on the Local Timeline.
  • Satire and activism must make a good-faith effort to punch up. ("Punching up": making jokes or criticism at the expense of those with more power, higher status or greater privilege.)


  • Do not post anything that could be described as "spam" (e.g. predatory journals or conferences, etc.)
  • Do not post shortened links (e.g. bit.ly, ift.tt or t.co—we have 500 characters; you can let us all know what we're clicking, thanks!)
  • NO: Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, able-ism etc. (will result in a permanent ban, you may not receive a prior warning)
  • No academic/intellectual dishonesty (e.g. accounts for services offering to write academic papers to help students cheat; vaccine denialism, etc.)
  • Do not impersonate other people
  • Do not harass other people
  • Do not demand that someone asking for some sort of accommodation justify themselves. E.g. if someone asks for you to add a CW to a post, answer with "I'll do that next time, thanks!" rather than "Why do you need me to do that?"—you may not understand another person's needs, but please try to make our instance welcoming for everyone just the same!
  • Do not attempt to weaponize our Community Standards or anti-abuse tools/policies against marginalized groups such as people of colour, women or queer people. Users of Scholar Social are expected to have the literacy to understand that "reverse discrimination" is not real, and so attempts to re-centre discussions of marginalized people around the feelings of the privileged will be taken as manipulative behaviour undertaken deliberately in bad-faith. (E.g. white people should not demand that people of colour put CW's on every discussion of race; a straight person who reports a queer person for writing "I hate straight people" may find their own account suspended.)
  • No bots please; Scholar Social is for people
  • Accounts that automatically repeat a Twitter account, RSS feed, etc. must post to Scholar Social as Unlisted, not Public
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