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@COP23Bonn: "Hack4Climate - Bringing together developers and climate experts" #Hacker all around the world - please apply @UNFCCC 💪💚💙 #future #blockchain

Was mich interessieren würde: Könnte man nicht auch Wahlen wie die #BTW2017 über eine #Blockchain fälschungssicher abwickeln?

Q: Doesn't the #Blockchain solve _____?
A: No.''

''Q: But what about ____?
A: No!''

''The Blockchain is definitely a solution. We're just still looking for the problems it solves.''
(found on bird)

some remarks: it brought a lot new ppl into research of distributed system, but hell to many capitalists claiming having found the holy grayl

toodaamoon with them! :-p

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