Scholar Social#co

Something cool that I just realized about #co-ops is that by their nature they are valuable to the community they exist in vs. tourists, etc.

This is important in rural communities where so many businesses focus on attracting and serving "outsiders" that the needs of the locals are often neglected. COC & Fed Policy Development Show more

#Co-Ops are at first an #emergency #association than a self-help organisation, and at last a #school of #socialism.

Day one of shirking on family time to visit #Minneapolis #coops. Checked out the Seward #FoodCoop, the #Co-op Creamery Cafe (a full fast casual restaurant w/ beer on tap run by the Seward Co-op a few blocks from their store, and Bone Shaker Books #collective, where I picked up a book on the "Labor Elite" (2014) and Debord's #SocietyoftheSpectacle.

Good day!

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