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What interests me is the ability for an application like Kahoot to be able to produce such an insightful snapshot of user habits. However, what interests me more is what this says about Kahoot. It leaves me wondering if it is in fact a front for something else? #digciz

I'm still grumpy that I missed Saturday night's #digciz hangout, even though I missed it for quality music- and marriage-related reasons.

I'm still marveling at the welcome I've received over the course of this year - hospitality, yes, but well beyond that, the constant communication that I'm valuable here.

That isn't something that I've been. used to, in my life. I've said that many times before.

@dogtrax I responded to Chuck's link with one that had a playlist of all of his songs from his latest pile. Like so much in #digciz it was teflon on the plate.
Mayhaps we shouldn't get too 'hillbilly elegy' (how I have come to hate the class treachery of that dude) here. Did you see my video of a 'blue hole' on the Green River? I long to re-visit a spot called 300 Springs. One summer when I worked for a canoe livery we took a group of paraplegic kids swimming near there. Priceless.

"Kindness (kin-ness) has ancient origins that connect us both to nature and to relationships, and took me back to kith (as in “kith and kin”), and the importance of knowing the place where we are, the way that knowing place nourishes our capacity to belong." @katebowles #digciz

"The idea of remixing and collaborating and making stuff with others still keeps me involved and engaged" @dogtrax #digciz

@Algot I love your responses to your new followers ... what you do therehas to be part of the ongoing #digciz conversation ... poetic, friendly, inviting

Are these the Mastodon rules you mentioned in the #digciz chat @Tdorey ? I know a few people expressed they hadn't seen them.

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The Inhospitable Nature of the Web – Exploring the continuum of hospitable axn online w/ Mr. Rogers #digciz

Classic ex. of digital hospitality: Mister Rogers as ultimate #digciz Hospitality takeaways 4 disciplined practice?

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I was wondering the same thing about different digital spaces. Wondering if I want to use this space the same way that I use Twitter, my blog, etc. Do I want to be the same person?

Today my old pastor responded this way (on both Facebook and Twitter, but I can easily link the tweet: )

Either my old pastor's been reading @katebowles and @mahabali or he can sum up our #digciz conversation better than I can right now.

@Tdorey @katebowles @Autumm most of my real risk is offline which is why I take more risks online. But I am farthest to my PLN than most Ppl I know. It's highly unlikely I will meet my PLN in a long term hierarchical/power-laden relationship I.e. Working together vs just a conference or such #digciz

Posting something I wrote here as it relates to many of the conversations I've both had and hope to have here. #digciz

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I agree with you both but I also see these online tools and anonymity also empowering people to find voices they've either lost or never had.

Why is it that given the same tools (in whatever form) some folks will find power in uplifting, supporting and healing while others find power in causing harm? It *feels* like a 'people problem'. #digciz