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I don't believe in property, neither do I believe that it's a great concept on how to organize our relations around objects.
I admit and accept that ppl believe in property, and tolerate the need behind.

In case you believe in #property, as most ppl do, I would like to know why do you think it's a great concept and what you would fear if it wouldn't exist, if there's any?

(if you prefer to not be involved in #discourse that might happen, but happy to answer, just add PSSST ...or simliar)

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@wolfteeth oh no I agree but there was a #discourse or something about linux going on like 3 hours ago so I wanted to contribute to it by shitposting

I still only trust linux (ok maybe sometimes bsd) to run on my servers and stuff

@bea @djsundog can't wait for the day something manages to get in that everyone hates because I had a good #discourse about it


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@noelle @alyx @mona i agree :) however, i am bowing out because this is #discourse and we should give @alyx a break, who is actually trying to enjoy a learning and playing process at this very moment

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@paulfree14 @fla
ah nice I see you're a #diaspora dev.
So fist thx for all the effort you put in!

Could you may tell me the reasons for choosing #discourse over #hubzilla.

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Welcome to #fediverseFriday:

- introduce ppl to each other #followFriday #ff

- #discourse about improvmentns of the #fediverse

- reflection about our #culture here

- advice tipps and tricks around the fediverse

I'll start with
@Antanicus talks about current events and politics

@javalucy <--boosted nice stuff ;-)

@amphetamine ( queer anarchist buddhist engineer )

@Curator curates #MastoART and creative thoughts for th'Fediverse

Also as I'm no longer on my own island y'all won't be getting biting commentary from me on this one. I can burn bridges when it's my own instance lol, but I don't think "moist #discourse" is gonna come back for this one

@KitRedgrave sry for huuuuge #discourse, but i promise I'm going somewhere

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I've saw these discussions many time. And I think be need to becarefull about this #discourse.
There are different logicial paths, and we tent to stay often in our own path, which makes our arguments unvailid to the other path.
If we understand the value of each path, we can find a solution which is serving all.
#mastodon #development #opensource
@0x1f415 @USBhump

I need to say that I have been already in many discussions where ppl tend to use #logicalfallacies in order to protect their statement and misslead the #discourse

I would love to see mastodon evolving into a place with open and fruitfull discussions, no matter of theme.

I would love if the #fediverseFriday could evolve into a day discussing our culture and communication style.

you like the idea? spread it and join

@b9AcE @jeroenpraat @jd

How would the #mastodon community like the following:

- building a plug in so that everyone with a #fediverse account can lock into discourse
- content you write there is then streamed between the #fediverse and #discourse

some positive effects are:
- your follower can easly join in your
- you can easly join in a discussion
- conversation are structured and well searchable through discourse and federated through #mastodon and co
- it will spread popularity of fediv. and discourse