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Interesting timing to respect my privacy. Why did this happen exactly today? cc: @aral #googleventures #gitlab

Alright, it's today!

At Hamburg Universitiy of Technology we use for the production of Open Educational Ressources (). We chose ( first and try now.

Please find some examples here:


is great, but I recommend to use the commandline tool v3.2.3 and publish and host yourself. For that workflow and are great.

i really need to make a grid package for #gitlab #omnibus is seriously bad news is going down in a moment for an update

#gitlab omnibus takes a stupid amount of time to start up so here's your notice

we'll be back in ~10min maybe less

Iโ€™ve started a #free_software project and published the code on Complaints have been raised that #GitHub would be easier to track.

If people were able to create decentralized social networks like #Mastodon, then shouldnโ€™t it be possible to create also decentralized social coding protocols? #IPFS could possibly be used as a #Git storage backend and #PGP for authentication.

#decentralization #FOSS #FLOSS #freesoftware #open_source #opensource #GitLab

privacytools-es estรก alojada en #GitLab en sus servicio de GitLab Pages
ยฟcรณmo ? pues asรญ:

Looking forward to in !

Today and tomorrow the community will meet in the north of Germany to join/give sessions and workshops on various topics.

The event will be in German, please find more information on the website

Tomorrow me and a colleague will host a workshop on static site generators, , and for producing and sharing .