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#introductions today I shoplifted locally grown shallots and garlic to propagate myself and grow into food. I spent 10 minutes of my morning taking pictures of a spider and was late to work because of it. I went feral in Texas and will never go back.

My goal is to eventually have somewhere to live where i never have to worry about being evicted. Probably gonna be a van lmao. Current project is growing food. Hoping to soon have a community garden going next spring!


I'm Ana, web designer and roller derby player from #Mexico.

I was active in #Grassroots organization and the #FreeCulture and #FreeSoftware movements when I was a student and I'm hoping to get involved in projects related to these topics.

Kia ora everyone, I'm a Software Developer working with Root Systems (a worker owned tech cooperative in New Zealand)

I've just made the big move from New Zealand to the UK, soon to be living in London. 🇳🇿 🇬🇧

I'm also working on a platform to support mindfulness practitioners deliver their content and support their communities via a white labelled app, as well as in person. We're currently working on how to incorporate this using the Fairshares #platformcoop model.

👋 👋


Hello, I am Fabian from Mexico. Currently studying mathematics at UNAM.

Really excited to contribute to project trough advocacy and tech related stuff. C:


Hi. I'm Matthew Graybosch, a long-haired metalhead from New York who writes science fantasy inspired by classic heavy metal. I write about all-too-human androids and swashbuckling soprano catgirls who expose corruption and fight demons from outer space.

As pulpy and genre as it sounds, I do try to bring a touch of literary sophistication to the material.

I also blog at, and I'm building a dedicated site for my work at


#introductions I am a secret agent working for a secret agency of the dark-state for the Project MKawaiiUltra used to control the minds of people into the emerging social networks (decentralized and blockchain-based) 😎

I'm on a new instance, so I'll reintroduce myself: Background in STEM, interested in science, technology, and social technology. Favorite video games include Borderlands, Baldur's Gate, Morrowind, and Civ. Enjoy comics and comic art. Recently learned that "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell is a cover. #mefite


so #introductions again. :)

I am one of the #linuxartists here and do #artwithopensource

a lot of #photography these days along with #codeart digital illustrations and #painting as well. Most of my work can be found scattered around in #editbacklog and #humanalgorithms tags.

Ok enough tags. Here are a few examples of my work:

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mastodon is really cool looking and I've wanted an account for ages #introductions

PhD in , yet I have also dabbled with Comp. Litt. and Comp. Science.

My interests include analogue , GNU/Linux, programming, old school computer RPGs (currently working towards completing "Pool of Radiance"), and alternative/indie music from the 80's and 90's.

I have grown tired of traditional social media, and until I succeed in developing my own anti-social social network, I thought I'd give Mastodon a try. I am here looking for meaningful exchange.


I go by a lot of names and exist in a lot of places:

i'm a demon—which is a word which can have a lot of different meanings in English—which i think is kind of the point tbh. but generally i care about people a lot and try to do my best for them despite never really feeling totally included within their ranks, if you know what i mean.

i'm pretty rural and like rocks and ash and home-cooked meals and light physical exertion and cozy evenings under a blanket.


I go by a lot of names and exist in a lot of places:

i first started trying to teach myself how to draw late at night in like the 11th grade because i love comics and animation and wanted to be able to express myself better in that way. i pretty much only ever work with pencils and paper and ink which doesn't always render the nicest on-screen but oh well.

i'm not the greatest at art partially because i don't do it nearly as much as i'd like to because it takes forever lol. but i like doing it so when i do i might maybe post the stuff i make here.


I go by a lot of names and exist in a lot of places:

I created this account as an alt after ancient history made me a little disaffected with, then a massive rush of new users drove a bunch of other folks in the same direction and it became my main.

anymore i've pretty much returned it to its original purpose, which is posting theory and politics and opinions and stuff. i'm trans and a gender-studies major so that informs my approach~.


I go by a lot of names and exist in a lot of places:

this is my fake programming account which compliments my real programming account at @kibi. mostly i complain about mastodon and programming and sometimes maths and appreciate my gay friends who sometimes do these things with me.