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@davidpgil No #Jekyll experience here. Did not want to get involved with Ruby ecosystem.

@gcupc OK, so I had a quick look at #Hugo. Funny I was also looking into #Jekyll which is very similar. Hugo seems slightly simpler. I foudn a article that compares the two if youre interested ( Anyhoo, I just wanted to re-emphasize that Emacs comes with org-mode and a static site generator is included in that as told by this tutorial ( Will def look into evrythng

❓ I could use some help with a workflow I want to do for publishing my work to a website I am hosting myself... I want to do, Emacs/Org Mode to published web page. At the moment I heard that I may be able to use #Jekyll for this. Any ideas are welcome. Regards.

Alright, it's today!

At Hamburg Universitiy of Technology we use for the production of Open Educational Ressources (). We chose ( first and try now.

Please find some examples here:


is great, but I recommend to use the commandline tool v3.2.3 and publish and host yourself. For that workflow and are great.