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Hi all you in the #fediverse
I'm actually not @trustroots but @paulfree14

I just love the idea of #trustroots

It's a +28.000 members large traveler community sharing free accommodation and connecting nice people via an #opensource nonprofit plattform

I really want them to join us here

They have different "tribes"

Some are:

I made a bet to motivate them

"The first toot will get more interactions/boosts then your fb grab"

I asked them to leave fb/t and join us. But they were like no one is using #mastodon

Can you help to proof them wrong?
We could get a fediverse tribe, if we do 😜

boost to remind others it's #libremonday today.
All about great libre software.
I'm shure you will like it.

Ah and of course it's #AnarchyMonday alias #MondayAnarchy today :)

Today is #LibreMonday, and I'd like to encourage you to checkout #FirefoxBeta and #FirefoxNightly:

It may seem weird to use beta or nightly software as an end user, but I'm using Firefox Nightly in production at work and at home, and it's been a blast!
On my phone, I use Firefox Beta to reduce bandwidth usage.

Also, Firefox Beta is currently the fabled FF 57 aka the first output of "Project Quantum"... It's. Crazy. Fast.

#FOSS and respects your privacy, go for it!

It's #LibreMonday again!

This time I suggest something that's not complete and available yet, but I really want to see it succeed!

The Librem 5 by @Purism will be a smartphone designed to respect your privacy. It will run completely free (as in speech) software by default but it will be able to run many different Linux distros.

There is a crowdfunding going on with only a few days left and it's looking pretty good so far!

Much 💙 to the people at Purism! :)

New #LibreMonday today! Fellow gamers, I've thought about a game I've been playing for a long time and helped its translation from 🇬🇧 to 🇫🇷 with Sylvain Beucler.
Its name : Dink Smallwood is an RPG by RTSoft which has been freed some time ago now
Official website:
GNU Freedink : portable version of the game engine
The Dink Network : LOAD of DMods to increase the game's life.

still #libreMonday I guess.

#siril [ ] all in one tool for astrophotography. It can do noise and vignet reduction using dark, bias frames etc. It can align images using different strategies depending on what you are aligning and stack images. While it works with .fits / .ser files, it will convert your .tiff and .jpeg images to these formats. (for the other direction #gimp can open and convert .fits files)

For wide angle photos that has too many stars and lens distortion, #hugin works better, but for portrait and telephoto details with few or no stars I use Siril. Siril is also useful for using darks/bias noise reduction if you have those frames in hand. :)

Belated #LibreMonday with a #Linux tool I've grown so used to that it's the first thing I install in any distro: #Yakuake.

It's a drop-down terminal for #KDE, inspired from the #Quake console - just press F12 and it rolls down/back up, so I can always have a terminal handy.

For GTK users, #Guake is an equivalent tool :)

Source code (GPL-2.0):

For Guake:

Very late #LibreMonday but this one is worth the wait.
For French and German fellows (tschüss!), I propose the very nice Qarte tool ( which allows you to download easily past week Arte's TV programs, easily and efficiently. Gotta love it, hopefully this one will be available on #Mageia ? :D

#libremonday OpenStreetMap has great maps of many areas. The Android app OsmAnd+ is very full-featured, and despite it's UI being a bit less intuitive and more complicated than Google Maps, I actually prefer to use it on my phone nowadays!

Shout out to #OpenHMD for today's #LibreMonday!

It's a great project developing libre cross-platform drivers for Head-Mounted Devices (#VR headsets) with very good support for many commercial headsets (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, etc.).

They have nice integration in tools like #Blender, #VLC or academic programs, various libre and commercial games, and already initial support for VR #gaming with #GodotEngine!

Source repository (Boost):

🎨 maybe you create art, photography, design, using software like #krita #gimp #ardour #blender, #darktable, #mypaint #inkscape

🎼 ...and music using #ardour #lmms #kxstudio #hydrogen #puredata or distros like #ubuntustudio

📝 ...or when writing stories your tools to go are #plume #libreoffice or #zim

📽 Maybe you make films and animation with #kdenlive #pitivi #synfig

🎮 ...or make games with #godot or #twine

🛠 You might be using tools like #robocut #openCAD #processing or #arduino to create your art or design of any form

🎪 or simply creating art using traditional mediums, doing work in performance art, circus arts or theatre, using any of the above or others to create or document your work.

are you an artist or creative in the most generic sense of the word, and use #FOSS / #FLOSS / #OpenSource software as part of your workflow?

consider tagging your works with
🐧 #artWithOpenSource tag and check out the tag for works by your fellow mastodon artists who also prefer Open Sourced alternatives.

(sibling tags of interest: #linuxartists #flossart #libreMonday and #creativeCommons )

#Mastoart #photography #creativeToots #gamedev #art

It's not too late for a post on !

I would like to focus on []( today which we at our institute use for team collaboration and project management. It is an open source alternative to [Slack](, but slim and non-distracting.

I would not say that it has become a substitute for email, but for targeted problem solving it works great.

For further reading on Slack and the like in research see e.g.

#LibreMonday #FOSS

I use Wallabag every day, but I don't think I posted about it yet. (I'm a bookmark hoarder.)

Wallabag makes it convenient to bookmark and tag web content on multiple devices and browsers, can be used to keep track of reading and integrates nicely with RSS readers. The backend can be set up on your own server, but there's also an affordable paid hosting option for those who prefer that.


Almost forgot my #LibreMonday :)

#CuteMarkEd is a lightweight, cross-platform #Markdown editor with HTML preview.

I use it every now and then when #nano is not enough for a quick edit of a .md file :)

Source repo (GPL-2.0+):


@gemlog @stuartb I'll have to add that to the list, so many cool things pop-up on #libremonday

@akien So both #LibreMonday and #Mastodon hashtags right? Here it is!

Feed2toot: RSS to Mastodon bot

Remindr: send scheduled messages to both Mastodon and Twitter

Boost: automatically boost toots given user-defined rules

For #LibreMonday I would like to give a shout out to the fine folks that contribute to open HARDware. A standout in this arena is Olimex, which produces an A64 computer board that not only has open specs and schematics but releases the full, actual board layout in open KiCAD format!

It is unfortunate that they got tied up early on with Allwinner but perhaps with encouragement and support they will make boards with more open SoCs in the future!

For this #LibreMonday I nominate:
-syncs stuff
-Just Works TM (after a tiny bit of setup)
-cross platform (at least Android and Linux, others too but idc)
-what more do you want?
-oh right, sorry, i almost forgot:
-A dark theme for the night owl types!