Scholar Social

@cognish Nice! #Mattermost is new to me!

I think one of these days when I'm a little less busy at work I'll just pull an all nighter. :-)

It's not too late for a post on !

I would like to focus on []( today which we at our institute use for team collaboration and project management. It is an open source alternative to [Slack](, but slim and non-distracting.

I would not say that it has become a substitute for email, but for targeted problem solving it works great.

For further reading on Slack and the like in research see e.g.

If you are interested in learning more about

#LibreOffice, @nextclouders

and many other #OpenSource projects that allow you to replace Office365 then you may want to come to the Kopano Conference the 27/28 of September.

That's not just for techies but if you wish you can be trained and certifies as Kopano Engineer the 27th.

Looking forward to in !

Today and tomorrow the community will meet in the north of Germany to join/give sessions and workshops on various topics.

The event will be in German, please find more information on the website

Tomorrow me and a colleague will host a workshop on static site generators, , and for producing and sharing .