Scholar Social#oer

Good read: "Open Source Friday" wants to remind employees to contribute:

A good initiative as I think. And it could be adopted for the educational context as well: Teachers could remind students every week to contribute to the net as they build their knowledge on the open web every day. They could file an issue on GitHub or add to Wikipedia or write a blogpost. Many opportunities exist.

@TheWayneGibbons @omanreagan Happy to read folks talking about the open in education here.

I'm not an expert in open badges, but dealing with Open Educational Resources (), Open Educational Practice () and the question how to make the default in teaching and learning - focus on Germany.

@TheWayneGibbons What do you think about tracking in a like does?

@bgcarlisle Thanks for asking. is short for "Open Educational Resources" and means providing learning material in general under free and open licenses like .

There are lots of online articles about it, but David Wiley's blog might be the most informative for diving into that topic

Right now I'm joining the workshop '„Ich lese diese Bullet points jetzt einfach mal laut vor!“ oder: Powerpoint – Die unbesungene Erfolgsgeschichte eines OER-Tools und unsere Konsequenzen heute' at .

Collaboratively we are working on a slide set about slides on Google Slides.

My contribution is on slide

Looking forward to in !

Today and tomorrow the community will meet in the north of Germany to join/give sessions and workshops on various topics.

The event will be in German, please find more information on the website

Tomorrow me and a colleague will host a workshop on static site generators, , and for producing and sharing .