Scholar Social#openbadges

Know anyone interested in a free online course about Web 2.0 stuff?

I'm involved in an upcoming one called "Rudai23", which is based on the "23 Things" format. You can find out more abiut it here:

This will be the second time we're running the course, and this time around, are being used for certification!

@TheWayneGibbons @omanreagan Happy to read folks talking about the open in education here.

I'm not an expert in open badges, but dealing with Open Educational Resources (), Open Educational Practice () and the question how to make the default in teaching and learning - focus on Germany.

@TheWayneGibbons What do you think about tracking in a like does?

I'm presenting at the University of Dundee this afternoon on #openbadges. My slide deck as it currently stands:

I read the thing about tagging yourself to help newcomers, but I'm so two-dimensional I'm concerned I'll just look a bit tragic.

#edtech #opensource #coops #openbadges #digitalliteracies #beingleftaloneandthinkingalot

I'm working on a doctorate at the moment, which involves thinking about how digital open badges might be useful for my students. As part of my data gathering, I wanted a consistent way to introduce open badges to each interviewee, so I searched for a short video to use. I couldn't find one short enough that didn't have branding, so I made my own. You can have a look at it here:

@theartguy @clintlalonde I'd be keen to find out too. It's a bit tumble weedy in here, and even doing a search for something like #highered or #edtech, or my favourite #openbadges, doesn't reveal much.