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Q: "You mention that WhatsApp isn't safe to use in Kenya. Can you elaborate on why?"

A: "First of all we all know it's not an open source tool. They always say 'end-to-end encryption' so we are not sure if it's *actually* E2EE.. I know some of my fellow journalists whose information has been intercepted through WhatsApp."

Cecilia Maundu - Journalists & Digital Security Trainer - Kenya

@david_ross WhatsApp is *supposed* to be implementing the Signal protocol. If they are doing it correctly, there should not be a wiretap issue, however tapping the endpoints with a Trojan is sadly a common practice.

The research fairy @bgcarlisle
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@I @david_ross FB also *said* they wouldn't link your FB and WhatsApp accounts when they bought WhatsApp

But that's kinda the first thing they did, so

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@bgcarlisle @david_ross
No idea. It never asked me for fb credentials, and I don't have a user anyway, it just works with my Android contacts as usual.

@I @david_ross My point was that they have done exactly the opposite of what they said they'd do, at the expense of user privacy