How on earth do people keep track of all their paper ideas? Is it simply a matter of writing down all the fun probing questions you have?

@bgcarlisle I’ve mostly been a Notes app on the iPhone but it is NOT great at all haha

I’ll try the txt files on the computer tho, that requires more concentration and forcing myself to articulate the idea a little more. Thanks!

@jasminee @bgcarlisle I realized a while ago that I'll get hung up on having to give a baby idea a title & thereby formalize it way too soon. So now I have .txt files for each year, each titled something like `2018 academic ideas to remember`. Each new idea goes at the top w/ a heading & the date, so I can figure out the context later if necessary. The files are also on Dropbox so I can edit them w/ a notes editor on my phone, so I can pin down fleeting ideas even when I'm not near my computer.

@jasminee @bgcarlisle And a lot of those "ideas" are definitely just questions! The latest is basically just "What if instead of 'intellectual freedom' we talked about 'intellectual liberation'? What values, rhetoric, & infrastructure would most likely shift as a result?"

@foureyedsoul ok I, like, actually want to read that paper if it ever grows into being LMAO! @bgcarlisle

This was really helpful advice though - I often feel pressured to loop in and connect all the texts (since its usually a book or a *embarrassed squirm* meme that starts that process) but posing it all as a question seems like the best way to start

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