Reflecting on how amazing (and open) our Web network is now as I work on my Grav open education projects compared to my first public domain software I authored in the... wait for it... early 1990s.
While working for MotionWorks in Vancouver I cut a deal to have a HyperCard tool I built included as public domain software with a... wait for it... CD. So much change, but the same great feeling🙂

@hibbittsdesign Are there remnants of your tool from the 1990s still around?
I had played with but didn't have a project to really exercise it.
For content, I'm reinstalling (info at , need to test my instance and blog about that.

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@daviding Just a few snapshots🙂I've followed LiveCode (and have a license) but like you my work has not led to a real use of it.

@daviding Hi David, I meant to ask you how you knew of my earlier HyperCard work?🙂That early 90's work was my gateway into UI/UX design!

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