I've had conflicting advice about whether to make slides light or dark. I think that I personally find dark text on white easier to see in almost all circumstances.

@daviding Genuine question: is it true that white on dark is easier to see for most people, in standard conditions? I assume that there have been studies on that, but I don't know them. I'm happy to make two versions of slides with different colour schemes. That's quite easy with my work flow.

@twsh Dark vs. light presentation backgrounds may learn from movies shown in a dark cinema, as ...
> Projectors do not project the color black. [...] black is really the absence of light, and you can't project something that does not exist. [...] the parts of the image that look black are really a very dim white color (which we sometimes call gray). The projector sends some light to all parts of the image, including the parts that we perceive as black.


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