Career development funding opportunity; UK or UK-affiliated 

The Software Sustainability Institute Fellowship programme for 2022 is still open for applications until this Sunday, and I'd really recommend you consider applying. You don't need a technical background, just an idea for a project that will help to improve computational research practice. There's a growing number of librarian/archivist fellows, for example.

Career development funding opportunity; UK or UK-affiliated 

There's a bit of funding (£3000) attached, but it's also a really supportive community to be a part of. The SSI has really helped me adapt my project after COVID hit, for example. They've extended my cohort's deadlines by 18 months and helped us find ways to make use of our funding when our original face-to-face plans fell apart.

Career development funding opportunity; UK or UK-affiliated 

If you want to know a bit more about my own project, take a look at

Career development funding opportunity; outside the UK 

Oh! I almost forgot! This year as a pilot there will also be 3 fellowships available without the usual restriction of needing to be UK-based or affiliated to a UK institution!

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