I see that Mastodon 3.0 has been released, removing OStatus support. My instance only supports OStatus, so that means as 3.0 rolls out, my connections with the rest of the ActivityPub fediverse will gradually be cut.

Au revoir, tout le monde ! À bientôt, j'espère.

@mpjgregoire I am not familiar with the implications. Would you like to explain?

@qcat Sure.

Originally, Mastodon communicated with the OStatus protocol, then it added support for the ActivityPub protocol. Now, in version 3.0, Mastodon is dropping OStatus.

The code for my instance, mastodon.club, was forked from Mastodon in the OStatus only days. Once scholar.social moves to Mastodon 3.0, I expect that it will be impossible for you to read my posts, or for me to read yours.

@mpjgregoire What is the rationale behind this? Isn't it possible for you to port your instance to the new version? Also, what made you choose a fork originally?

@qcat ActivityPub is a newer protocol, devised in part by the people who created OStatus, but as part of a formal W3C standard process.

One advantage, they say, is that direct messages have real privacy.

My instance could be upgraded, but apparently it would be difficult to port the changes over. Also the sysadmin now has two small children, so he's busy.

I picked mastodon.club a few years ago because it was relatively small, friendly and general, as well as Canadian. The community was quite nice, though some people have since moved to other instances. The differences with trunk Mastodon were small at the time.

Eventually the code of mastodon.club will be upgraded or else the users will leave it. The sysadmin is busy these days though, so I don't expect an upgrade any time soon.

@mpjgregoire The choice of an instance is something quite overwhelming in the beginning. To be honest, if i wouldn't have had a friend suggest one for me I would have given up right there.

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